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  • Triumph’s molded polymer hulls are five times more impact resistant than fiberglass
  • Every 2016 Triumph boat comes with a lifetime limited warranty that is transferable, at no charge, anytime within the first five years.
  • Roplene floats and we take an extra step to fill our boats with foam. Therefore, Triumph far exceeds the flotation requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Triumph hulls are made with Roplene, a virtually indestructible molded polymer designed to deliver strength, safety and a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • Triumph hulls absorb both engine noise and wave impact, delivering an astonishingly quiet ride.
  • Triumph’s shock-absorbing hulls reduce bone-jarring wave chop into exceptionally smooth cruising.
  • Triumph boats never need waxing, polishing or gel-coat touch-ups. A quick rinse usually does the trick
  • Triumph hulls are a monolithic double-wall of nautical armor that no glued-together hull could hope to match.
  • Impervious to saltwater, sunlight and humidity, a Triumph keeps its new-boat appearance through decades of heavy use. Fading? Blistering? Spider cracks? Never.